I am the heaviest of the liger brothers. I love to travel. I spend my winters in Miami, hanging out with my brother Vulcan. My spring and summer is spent in South Carolina, with a big group of friends! I educate people on the Wild Encounter Tour. In the fall I drive to New England. Fall is my favorite season. I star in a show in Carver, MA, called the Tale of the Tiger at the King Richard’s Faire. My best friend is a golden tabby tiger names Brahmin, but I hang out with many other cats as well. I was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest big cat. I have also appeared on the Today Show, Jay Leno, and National Geographic.

I am the most easy going and well mannered of the group. I live in South Carolina with my brother Sinbad. He is my best friend. I love to flirt with my girlfriends, Kanga, Lallita, and Shakti, who are all tigers. Though I am not the tallest, I do love to show off and stretch up tall for my treats on the Wild Encounter Tour. I have the biggest appetite of all my brothers. My favorite food is beef! I was on a Discovery channel show called ‘Humanzee.”

I am the tallest of all my brothers, and the most spoiled! I live in South Carolina with my brother Zeus. I love to lie in the sun all day and sleep. In the summertime South Carolina gets really hot and I love to swim with my human and tiger friends. I get that from my mom! I helped National Geographic develop critter cams to assist other endangered animals in the wild. I’ve been on Discovery Channel, Jay Leno, and the VIP Wild Encounter Tour. I starred in the National Geographic special – “Ultimate Cat”.

I am the most mischievous of the 4-liger brothers. We were all littermates and only the second litter of ligers born at The Institute Of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species. I love living in fabulous Miami with my tiger friends Mahesh and Nischula. We have fun educating the public at Jungle Island. I love it when my brother Hercules comes to visit me in the winter. We host a lot of parties at Jungle Island. My favorite food is chicken! And I am so popular! I was on the Today Show and CNN’s 360’ with Anderson Cooper.